Central Nervous System - Visual Perspectives

This program has been developed by

Anna Josephson , Associate Professor, is a neuroscientist, a neurosurgeon and a teacher in neuroanatomy. Dr. Josephson is responsible for the content of CNS: Visual Perspectives and for the implementation of CNS: Visual Perspectives in the future core curriculum at the Karolinska Institute.

Thomas Nixon , RN, Educational Technologist, is developer and designer of CNS:Visual Perspectives. He is responsible for the 3D modeling, illustrating and programming.

The purpose of CNS:VP is to help students learn neuroanatomy and improve spatial skills with 3D visualization. The collaboration between Karolinska Institute and Stanford University is to field test this software. This collaboration project is funded by WGLN.


Collaborators in this project:

Tom Clandinin, PhD, is an assistant professor of neuroscience and the co-director for the neuroscience course. He will be responsible for introducing this program in the curriculum and for determining the pedagogic approaches used at Stanford.

Italo Masiello, PhD, is a researcher in the field of educational technology in medicine. He is responsible for the preparation and administration of the research in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University.

Brian Tobin, MA, is the technology integration specialist at EdTech in the School of Medicine at Stanford. He interfaces appropriate technology with the courses in medicine.

Cammy Huang, PhD, is a neuroanatomist by training and expert in educational multimedia. She is consulting on the project to provide expertise in integrating education, multimedia, and content.

Patricia Youngblood, PhD, is an experienced instructional designer and evaluator at SUMMIT, and will collaborate with Karolinska Institute researchers to design the evaluation.

Parvati Dev, PhD, is the Director of SUMMIT, and will manage the project at Stanford.

With valuable help from:

Cammy Huang-DeVoss, PhD, Director of Scientific Outreach, WGLN, Stanford for her organizational help as well as technical support.

Professor Mikael Svensson, Department of neurosurgery, Karolinska Hospital, with videos of neurosurgical interventions.

Dr.Tommy Andersson and Dr.Mikael Söderman, Department of Neuroradiology, Karolinska Hospital, with angiographic images of the vascular system.

Karin Jensen, PhD student, for MRI images of the brain.